Version Comparison

Version Comparison

Our Version Comparison Tool makes it easy to assess the stability and performance of software updates by comparing a set of KPIs.


Make sure that your new version is a success

Version Comparison

Customers have a growing number of services and competitors to choose from. In an increasingly complex and confusing market, they are looking for easy access to their content at consistently high quality, even if it is not the cheapest option available.

Our software version comparison approach enables near real-time measurement and improvement of service quality with a focus on the customer between software versions.

This not only accelerates decision making for versions rollouts, but at the same time reduces operational costs and increases customer satisfaction.


We help you see the things that matter in a rapidly changing world

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1. Changing technology stacks

The increasingly complex combination of different technology stacks, the interdependencies between internal and external services, and the expectation to introduce new services and functions at "internet speed" often lead to unintended consequences that have a negative impact on consumers' perception of quality.

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2. Accelerated release cycles

One of the core functions required in agile product development is the faster and safer release of new software. Successful companies are able to continuously bring new features to market in response to customer requests. The need for faster releases is driving shift-right thinking in software quality assurance.